The symbols of Christmas and their interpretation

The Christmas stories in the Bible are full of references to the social and political circumstances in the Roman Empire. They are a blueprint of the struggle for power and powerlessness then and now.

Let's take a fresh look at the familiar stories and symbols from the Gospels of the New Testament. Together with the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible and archaeological finds, we discover something surprising. The symbol of the birth of a holy child also exists in other religions, such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

An exhibition from 10 October 2023 to 27 March 2024.

Ikone Christgeburt

Icon of the Nativity, Byzantine, Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Baktrien 35v 5n Vorderseite freigestellt

Tetradrachm of King Azes of Bactria, 1st century BC, Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Buddha als Kind

Figurine of the Buddha as an infant

(21st century) from Lumbini/Nepal, Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum

Arganona Maryam

Arganona Maryam (Modern)

Manuscript on parchment, binding: wood; bag: leather, from Ethiopia, private collection