The pop-up exhibition from 22.08. to 8.10.2023

For some years now, society has been increasingly opening up to non-binary gender concepts. We sometimes have heated debates about gender-appropriate language. It seems to be one of the burning issues of our time. Those who are concerned know that this is not a fad. This debate is as old as the hills, as countless evidences show: archaeological finds, theological and philosophical records or traditions from everyday culture and art of past epochs - the exhibition opens surprising perspectives, raises astonishing questions and mostly refuses the easy answers.

From antiquity to the present

Divided into three sections, the exhibition invites visitors on a search for traces from antiquity to the present:

Discovering the Many Sides of God: Archaeology and Religion in Palestine-Israel

Archaeological finds bear witness to the diversity of images of God and man since prehistoric times.

God’s image: male and female

The male and female features of G*d correspond to the ancient idea of an androgynous Adam, a hidden trace also in Judaism and Islam up to Christian hermaphrodites in book art.

God’s Goal: Unity in Diversity

In the last section, the exhibition turns its gaze to our present and playfully provides an opportunity to critically examine one’s own perceptions. Three interviews with experts on the diversity of gender question our categories and roles.