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G*tt f/m/d - Gender diversity since biblical times

A special experience is just a few clicks away. Step into a museum room specially designed for the virtual exhibition “G*tt f/m/d - Gender Diversity since Biblical Times” with valuable loans from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, from excavations in prehistoric and early historic times. The diversity of religious influences in biblical lands can be seen in the finds, as can the diversity of concepts of God in biblical eras.

Gender diversity can also be discovered in book art since antiquity - especially in the interpretation of the creation of man “male and female”. There is the opportunity to descend into time, and then travel up to heaven and back down to earth: unique finds, surprising illustrations, authentic audios and videos from history and the present are waiting to be discovered. The Museum of the Future is worth every visit and is open around the clock!

2021 Virtuelle Ausstellung Gtt wmd


2013 RB 3460 Erw App
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